010: memento - 03.01.23


  1. Ring of Past by Men I Trust on Ring of Past (Men I Trust)
  2. Lies In The Eyes Of Love by Part Time on Lies In The Eyes Of Love (Sugarcane Recordings)
  3. Falling Apart by Slow Pulp on Moveys (Winspear)
  4. Pet Grief by The Radio Dept. on Pet Grief (Just So!)
  5. Morning Clouds by Elevator To Hell on Parts 1-3 (Sub Pop)
  6. It's Only Love That Gets You Through by Sade on Lovers Rock (Sony BMG)
  7. (I Can't Seem to) Make You Mine by The Clientele on Strange Geometry (Merge)
  8. If I Ever Was A Child by Wilco on Schmilco (Kung Fu)
  9. Lover's Spit by Broken Social Scene on You Forgot It In People (Arts & Crafts)
  10. Kangaroo by This Mortal Coil on It'll End in Tears (Remastered) (4AD)
  11. Peep-Hole by Guided By Voices on Bee Thousand (Scat)
  12. Ride Into The Sun - by The Velvet Underground on The Velvet Underground (45th Anniversary / Super Deluxe) (UMG)
  13. sometimes by my bloody valentine on loveless (Sire)
  14. Things We Never Did by Sad Lovers & Giants on Epic Garden Music (Midnight Music)
  15. Gold Soundz by Pavement on Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain (Matador)
  16. Incinerate by Sonic Youth on Rather Ripped (Geffen)
  17. Pink Frost by The Chills on Kaleidoscope World (Expanded Edition) (Flying Nun)
  18. Yesterday's On My Mind by Chris Cohen on As If Apart (Captured Tracks)
  19. Late by Hovvdy on Cranberry (Double Double Whammy)
  20. Flook by Hector Gachan on Untitled '91 (Nice Guys)
  21. Superbloom by Isaac Winemiller on Levels of Removal (isaac Winemiller)
  22. I Know You Love Me, But Do You Think Of Me, Romantically by Charles on Let's Start a Family Tonight (Babe City)
  23. Swampy by Dry Cleaning on Swampy & Sombre Two (4AD)
  24. Problem by Hovvdy on Taster (Double Double Whammy)
  25. Middle of Nowhere by Macabre Plaza on Remember Me? EP from Mp (Macabre Plaza)
  26. Summer Spent by RICEWINE on Summer Spent / Tried Living (RICEWINE)
  27. Annette by Hania Rani on On Giacometti (Gondwana)
  28. Cry, Cry by Mazzy Star on Among My Swan (Capitol)
  29. Sweetness And Light by Lush on Sweetness and Light EP (4AD)
  30. Melancholy Man by The Wake on Here Comes Everybody (Factory)
  31. Moon Like a Pearl by Pia Fraus on Wonder What It's Like (Seksound)
  32. Disintegration by The Cure on Disintegration (Fiction)