The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/ Haunt Me & DJ Lavidicus (Orlando) 2/28/23


  1. Watch You Bleed by Haunt Me on Watch You Bleed (self released/Bandcamp)
  2. Morpheus Laughing by Skinny Puppy on Too Dark Park (Nettwerk)
  3. Forgotten Tears by Hocico on Tora! Tora! Tora! (Out Of Line)
  4. Possédée by POTOCHKINE on Sortilèges (Potochkine)
  5. Disintegration by The Cure on Disintegration (Elektra)
  6. Necromancer by Haunt Me on Don't Fall Asleep EP (self released/Bandcamp)
  7. Ribbons by The Sisters Of Mercy on Vision Thing (Elektra)
  8. Love Hurt Bleed (Monomorte Remix) by Gary Numan on Love Hurt Bleed (Monomorte Remix) single (Mortal)
  9. Fading Fantasies by Saigon Blue Rain on Noire Psyché (self released/Bandcamp)
  10. Please Stay by Haunt Me on Wish You Were Here EP (self released/Bandcamp)
  11. Graveyard Mary by Screams For Tina on Kaliffornian Deathrock comp (Strobelight)
  12. Warm Leatherette by Nine Inch Nails & Peter Murphy on Where Darkness Doubles, Where Light Pours In (GBB)