Episode 19 - Today I Am Going to Feel Everything and Look Fear Dead in the Eyes

Morning y'all,

You're all so brave and alive! In an effort to be a little more present in my day-to-day life, today's set is a little more on the ambient side.

Sending so much love, always,



  1. Featured anchored in scorched earth by the humble bee on lichen cloak on a wet stone (quiet details) New
  2. Featured #3 (Rhubarb) - Aphex Twin cover by Brendan Eder Ensemble on Therapy (Brendan Eder Ensemble) New
  3. From the Morning by Nick Drake on Pink Moon (Island Music)
  4. Can Do It by αtu on Pictures On Silence (Soulection)
  5. Lighthouse by Grouper on Ruins (kranky)
  6. Girl From the North Country by Dear Nora on Three States: Rarities 1997-2007 (Magic Marker)
  7. Featured Inner Beauty by Twain on Adventure (Keeled Scales)
  8. Featured Scry by Cole Pulice on Scry (Moon Glyph) Local
  9. Vacation by Florist on Holdly (Double Double Whammy)