Maniac Mansion


  1. El Lobo by Davila 666 on S/T (In the Red)
  2. Fireman by Jawbreaker on Dear You (DGC)
  3. Starslight by At the Drive-In on Acrobat Tenement (Flipside)
  4. I Have No Fun by Vivian Girls on Everything Goes Wrong (In the Red)
  5. The Spirit by Sports Coach on Inversions (Spirit Goth)
  6. Ode to Godzilla by pinkshinyultrablast on Happy Songs for Happy Zombies (Odd Box)
  7. Blue Sheen by Provoker on Body Jumper (Year 0001)
  8. NRG by Automatic on Excess (Stones Throw)
  9. Grounded by Pavement on Wowie Zowie (Matador)
  10. Forest of Black by Dirthy Filthy Mud on Dirty Filthy Mud (Worex) Local
  11. Angel from Space by LVL UP on Hoodwink'd (Double Whammy)
  12. Elbow by Washer on Here Comes Washer (Exploding in Sound)
  13. The Perfect Map by Thee More Shallows on A History of Sport Fishing (Monotreme) Local