1. Dust by 13th Floor Elevators on Easter Everywhere (Charly)
  2. Die Nacht Der Himmel by Popol Vuh on Nosferatu (Edition Popol Vuh)
  3. Svört Augu by Kælan Mikla on Undir Köldum Nor∂urljósum (Artoffact)
  4. The Building Of The Earth by Elizabeth Parker on The Living Planet (Silva Screen)
  5. Not Waiting by Martin Dupont on Sleep is a Luxury (Facteurs d'Ambiance)
  6. What They Call Us by Fever Ray on What They Call Us (Rabid)
  7. Skid Row by James Ferraro on Skid Row (Seed Soup Songs)
  8. Spellwork by Austra on Feel It Break (Domino)
  9. Kiss Me Until My Lips Fall Off by Lebanon Hanover on Let Them Be Alien (Fabrika)
  10. I Had To Much To Dream Last Night by The Space Lady on The Space Lady's Greatest Hits (Night School)
  11. Bicentennial Presentation by Peter Baumann on Romance 76 (Virgin)
  12. Second Face by Sâada Bonaire on Sâada Bonaire (Ralf Behrendt, Stephanie Lange, Claudia Hossfeld)
  13. Love Caboose by Geneva Jacuzzi (Mexican Summer)
  14. Watching Trees by Eleven Pond on Bas Relief (Jeff Gallea)
  15. Geheimnis by Xmal Deutschland on Fetisch (4AD)
  16. Double-Barrell Prayer by Diamanda Galás on You Must be Certain of The Devil (s/r)
  17. Transparent Radiation by Spacemen 3 on Forged Prescriptions (Space Age)
  18. The Sadman by Slowdive on Just For A Day (Sony)
  19. Moonshake by Can on Future Days (Spoon)
  20. Christine by Siouxsie & The Banshees on Kaleidoscope (Polydor)
  21. Gizli Duygular by Anadol on Felicita (Pingipung)
  22. Pot Au Feu by Delia Derbyshire (White Witch)
  23. Skywalker by Babyfather on 419 (World)
  24. Gilded by Sarah Davachi on Gave in Rest (Ba Da Bing!)