The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/ Mortal Boy & DJ mighty Mike Saga (Philadelphia) 3/14/23


  1. The Jewel Wasp by Mortal Boy on The Jewel Wasp single (self released/Bandcamp)
  2. Back Door by Clan Of Xymox on Medusa (4AD)
  3. She Said by Black Angel on Kiss Of Death (Solid Recordings)
  4. NIGHTMARE by DARK on NIGHTMARE (Young And Cold)
  5. The Angel by Ministry on Twitch (Sire)
  6. Sycophantic Fantasy by Mortal Boy on Sycophantic Fantasy single (self released/Soundcloud)
  7. DOMIN8 by Male Tears on Krypt (Avant!)
  8. Soldat by Stoppenberg on Frontschlag (X-Beats)
  9. Do You See by Buzz Kull on Fascination (Avant!)
  10. Kiss Me Poison by Mortal Boy on Chronoception (self released/Bandcamp)