Vampire Dear #4: The Cell (2000)

Tonight's episode is Madame de Sade's electronic/industrial tribute to the film The Cell in honor of the Roxie Theater's screening.


  1. The Cell by Howard Shore on The Cell OST (New Line Records)
  2. Butterfly Caught by Massive Attack on 100th Window (Circa Records)
  3. Digital Bath by Deftones on White Pony (Maverick)
  4. Dead-End Gaze by Soft Ballet on Symbiont (Warner Music Japan)
  5. Stargher King by Howard Shore on The Cell OST (New Line Records)
  6. Victim by The Golden Palominos on Dead Inside (Restless Records)
  7. Dislocated by Debra Petrovitch on Extreme Music From Women (Susan Lawly)
  8. The Wretched by Nine Inch Nails on The Fragile (Interscope)
  9. Meat by Angelspit on Nurse Grenade (Black Pill Red Pill)
  10. Track 2 by Oval on Ovalprocess (Oval/Marcus Pop)
  11. You Can Find the Feeling (feat. Talvin Singh) by The Master Musicians of Jajouka, Bachir Attar on The Master Musicians of Jajouka (Point Music)