Under the Surface with Baqvas

A grand return! Featuring many tracks that have been stuck in my head the last few weeks/months.

Music Video: Nabihah Iqbal's This World Couldn’t See Us

Music Video: Natasha Noorani's Matlabi

Instagram: Baalti

Soundcloud: DJ Habibeats

Bandcamp: Sand Pact

Bandcamp: Tom Marsi

Bandcamp: Allison Chanic

Bandcamp: bergsonist


  1. This World Couldn't See Us by Nabihah Iqbal on This World Couldn't See Us (Ninja Tune) New
  2. Fear Evil Like Fire by Yves Tumor on Praise A Lord Who Chews But Which Does Not Consume; (Or Simply, Hot Between Worlds) (Warp) New
  3. Matlabi by Natasha Noorani on RONAQ (Self Released) New
  4. Kepko by Sega Bodega on Single (NUXXE)
  5. Airborne Ashes (Eartheater & Aleksandir Remix) by Eartheater on Single (Chemical X) New
  6. Nans by Baalti on Nans / Marigold (KRUNK KULTURE) New Local
  7. Ringa Ringa (HABIBEATS AMAPIANO EDIT) by DJ Habibeats (Self Released)
  8. Femme by bergsonist on Bergsonist (Bergsonist Publishing) New
  9. Painlessly In Love (Lakker Remix) by Allison Chanic on Painlessly In Love (Bedouin Records)
  10. V by Sand Pact on The In-Between (Self Released)
  11. OPEN UR ♡ (with Tomu DJ) by Tom Marsi on FLIPFOOTS (Self Released) New Local