Boss IV


  1. Thunder and Lightning by Motorhead on Bad Magic (VDR)
  2. Flashback Arrestor by Uranium Club on The Cosmo Cleaners (Static Shock Records)
  3. Tonight by The Spits on Vol. IV (THRIFTSTORE)
  4. Nife Fight by Coachwhips on Get Yer Body Next Ta Mine (Narnack)
  5. Frog Prints in Present City by the Intellegence on Lil' Peril (Midheaven)
  6. Rice In Bed by Froogy's Groovies on Is This Froogy's Groovies? (Death Records)
  7. wolfgang amadeus motzart - turkish march by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart on Brahm's Lullaby and other Classical Music (Time Machine)
  8. Hope For Happiness by The Soft Machine on the Soft Machine (ABC Probe)
  9. Long Piece No.3 by Egg on -The Polite Force (Dream)
  10. Oostend, Oostend by Cos on Bable (EMI)
  11. I don't Know what by Wipers on Is this Real (Park Ave. Records)
  12. Friction by Television on Marquee Moon/Adventure Live at the Waldorf (1978) (Elektra Entertainment)
  13. Restless Natives by Big Country on Restelss Natives Soundtrack (EMI)
  14. Stay Away by Charles Bradley, Menehan Street Band on No Time for Dreaming (Dunham)
  15. Pash Rash by Surprise Chef on Pash Rash (Big Crown Records)
  16. Luchini by Camp Lo on Uptown Saturday Night (Profile)