Mar 25


  1. Nie Napiszę Już Piosenki by Muzyka Końca Lata on Prywatny Ciechocinek (Thin Man)
  2. Na Więcej Nie Mam Sił by pies on Na Więcej Nie Mam Sił (Self Released)
  3. 4AM by Tagua Tagua on Inteiro Metade (Self Released)
  4. Buen Viaje by Fémina on Traspasa (Self Released)
  5. Je T'aime Pas, Je T'aime by Freedom Fry on Je T'aime Pas, Je T'aime (Caveman Arts Society) New
  6. Petit à Petit by Ireke (feat. Agnès Hélène) on Tropikadelic (Underdog) New
  7. Not Sure How This Ends by meija on Do Ya? (Nettwerk) New
  8. Du fil à recoudre by Alice on L'Oiseau Magnifique (Bongo Joe) New
  9. CHAPTER 8 ~SEASHORE AND HORIZON~ by Cornelius on FANTASMA (Warner Music Japan Inc)
  10. When You're Around by Water From Your Eyes on Structure (Wharf Cat)
  11. Kyoto by Phoebe Bridgers on Punisher (Dead Oceans)
  12. Someone at Radio Shack Looks Exactly Like Me by Spaceport on Window Seat (Aura Vortex) New
  13. Jump into the Fire by Heather Trost on Petrichor (Third Man)
  14. Curtain is Closing by Nighttime on Keeper is the Heart (Ba Da Bing!) New
  15. Calling Out by Augenwasser on The Big Swim (Les Disques Bongo Joe) New