The Lost Hour welcomes a Monday-buckled barrage of breaks and epochal jungle presented by the talented and ardent DJ Caro. We talk penne-alfredo dinners with Trip-Hop producers, deviously complicated card games, and a shared special core radio memory that united our mixes and friendship. A wholesome and secretly shit-talky (off-mic) 60-minute beat-packed mix for the airwaves today!

Catch DJ Caro every 2nd Sunday on [Lower Grand Radio]( "") in Oakland, California, for their show, Third Orbit.

And if you're local, come see DJ Caro and myself go Back2Back at Club Waziema this Saturday, April 29th, at Bounce 2 Bass, alongside a familial cast of other DJs.

Happy Monday ~tom

The Lost Hour is a weekly web of experimental ethereal music fun~ sometimes featuring guests and their funky thoughts and tunes.


  1. Willow's Perception (feat. Hihelga) [Instrumental] by Evanora Unlimited on Lustful Expanse (Self-Release)
  2. Eldest Sister (Instrumental) by Evanora Unlimited on Lustful Expanse (Self-Release)
  3. Elastic by Fisky (Hyperboloid)
  4. PICTURE IN MY MIND NIKKO X W IN K REMIX by Nikko (Self-Release)
  5. CAN'T KEEP TO MYSELF by Louke Man (Self-Release)
  6. Dump It by Radical Kid x Soffos (320 RIP)
  7. Sky Hook by Farsight on Farsight 2023 Q1 Dubs (Self-Release)
  8. Cool Down Dance by Muna (TAIPAN TRAX)
  9. Internal Affairs by MOM$ on Dred Collective Volume 6 (DREDCOL.)
  10. This Bump by Alfredo Romero (ec2a)
  11. Primadonna by Clearcast (Self-Release)
  12. Best Out of Three by Dr Cryptic (Self-Release)
  13. Rinse It by Bokeh (ME1)
  14. ALKALINE by OSSX on POOL TABLES (Single)
  15. Consequences by DJ Sword of Thorns x DJ NHK Guy on 320 RIP Vol. 5 (320 RIP)
  16. Air Freshener by Tom n Jerry on fabric presents Chase & Status RTRN II FABRIC (Frabric)
  17. Running Away by EL BLANCO NINO on FREEBIEESS (Self-Release)
  18. Mesmerize by Flava D (Hospital)
  19. Aye Hold On Bae by Unknown (Self-Release)
  20. Like You (Regal86 Jungle Flip) by Bow Wow & Ciara on Wanted (Columbia)
  21. Like A Tattoo (Skeps Jungle Edit) by Sade on Love Deluxe (SONY Music)