Rainy Day Techno (100% vinyl)

OmNa takes us on a musical journey playing an all-vinyl set featuring sounds from Europe and beyond spanning from electronic to deep house to minimal techno. Enjoy episode #338


  1. In Yer Face (Bicep Acid Dub) by 808 State (FeelMyBicep Records)
  2. Peace Of Mind by The Windham Hill Sampler Of New Electronic Music on Soul Of The Machine (Windham Hill Records)
  3. Are You A Hypnotist? by The Flaming Lips on Yoshimi Battle The Pink Robots (Warner)
  4. Gama by Entro Senestre (WT Records)
  5. Ghosts Of Bookaar by Rings Around Saturn on Sweet Echoes - Volume One (OTIS Records)
  6. Rhythm Is All You Can Dance by Jan Schulte (Safe Trip)
  7. Think That by Liluzu (Kalahari Oyster Cult)
  8. Cosmic Swimmer by Tendts on Cosmic Swimmer (Public Release Recordings)
  9. Black Soul by Raru on Black Soul (Bosom)
  10. Kazunomiya (Jorge Savoretti remix) by Delaj on Kazunomiya (Sentaku)
  11. 2 Circuits by CL-ljud, RazV (Bosom)
  12. Forward by Drea on Forward EP (Variete Music)
  13. La Mesure by Herck & Somesan (Self-Released)
  14. Wind by Jake Flory on Pure Tone EP (MoreThanMusic)
  15. Confession Of An Acid Eater (Voigtmann remix) by Diego Santana (BienAimer Records)
  16. Baobabakka by Zlatnichi on Baobabakka EP (Modeight)
  17. Untitled by Untitled (Untitled)
  18. Hoia Baciu by Cumuli, Bvrton, RA:H on Visare EP (Perception Dub)
  19. Corbusian by R Hitect on Corbusian EP (r.hitect)
  20. French by Direkt (Abduction)
  21. Hoe Lee Choir by Sonohat on Whisper (Cedesciu Wax)
  22. Process Theory by Pressure Point (Solasyum)
  23. TATATATATATATA by Masomenos on Le Roi EP (WelcomeToMasomenos)
  24. Paramount by Phara (Stockholm LTD)
  25. The Aliens by HipHedits (Self-Released)
  26. Music Life & Culture (Musica Komoda) by Ron Trent (ASI Project)
  27. Flying Macrotonal Banana by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard (ATO Records)