people who share music with you are important!

Playlist chock full of songs that friends either directly or indirectly shared with me... and my response to those songs!


  1. Next Levels by King Geedorah on Take Me To Your Leader (Big Dada) Info

    Shout out Alejandro who says he's reminded of this song on rainy days

  2. Featured Rainyway Back Home by Nujabes on Spiritual State (Hydeout)

    My song recommendation to Alejandro, hope it brings you some peace and serenity up in Portland

  3. Crying in a Corn Maze by Big Rig on Big Rig (Peaceful Tapes) Info

    Recommendation from Raasika up in Vancouver, BC

  4. Alright, Fine (Black Lab Mix) by Rainbows End on 2020 Mixtape Vol III (The Black Lab) Info

    Raasika's band, RAINBOWS END!!!

  5. Featured Brighter by April Magazine on Wesley's Convertible Tape For The South (April Magazine) Info

    New Local My recommendation to Raasika, think you'd dig this hawt new Bay Area jam

  6. Trees and Flowers by Dum Dum Girls on End of Daze (Sub Pop) Info

    Shout out Katie Rieger and everything u do for the Bay Area bike community! :') (Strawberry Switchblade cover)

  7. Featured The Sign by Peach Kelli Pop on Hardcovers (Lauren Records)

    Shout out to Katie, keep watching 4 dem signs! (Ace of Base cover)

  8. When You Sleep - Live by DIIV on Live at The Murmrr Theatre (Captured Tracks) Info

    Shout out to Sweet T for sharing this sweet cover song (My Bloody Valentine cover)

  9. Featured If We Keep Hanging Out by Hotline TNT on Spring Disco (Poison Rhythm) Info

    New From upcoming Spring Disco CD-R

  10. I'm On Fire by Electrelane on On Parade (Too Pure Records) Info

    Shout out to the emoest of randonneurs (Shawn) that I know! (Bruce Springsteen/The Boss cover)

  11. Featured Let's Get Out by Life Without Buildings on Any Other City (Tugboat Records)

    Hope u get out of Olympia and back to the Bay Area SHAWN!

  12. d d don't by Kate NV on WoW (RVNG INT) Info

    New Shout out Shoebox Office!

  13. Featured "Quotations" - Single Version by Water From Your Eyes (Wharf Cat Records)

    This song kinda breaks my brain

  14. Shin Ramyun by Unknown Mortal Orchestra on V (Jagjaguwar)

    New Shout out to ☀️ny for sharing this with me

  15. Featured Don't Give Up by Tanukichan on Gizmo (Company)

    New Local Think you'd dig this track Sunny!

  16. Taglieben by Guther on I Know You Know (Morr Music) Info

    DARBY JACC with the 🔥 recommendation

  17. Featured Walking (live at Rough Trade NY) by B Boys on Live at Rough Trade NYC (B Boys) Info

    Walking recommendation track for Walking Music radio program (: