Vampire Dear #6: 39 Lashes

Vampire Dear is resurrected. Tonight, our theme is Easter and we're listening to nunsploitation soundtracks and goth rock/industrial with Christian overtones.


  1. Resurrection - Sixth Communion by Christian Death on Only Theatre of Pain (Frontier)
  2. Processional by Stephen Lawrence on Alice, Sweet Alice OST (Waxwork Records)
  3. Personal Jesus by Depeche Mode on Violator (Sire)
  4. Heresy by Nine Inch Nails on The Downward Spiral (UMG)
  5. Suor omicidi by Alessandro Alessandroni on Suor Omicidi (Nazionale Music S.A.S.)
  6. Storia di una Monaca di Clausura by Piero Picconi on Storia di una Monaca di Clausura (EMI)
  7. The Black Narcissus: Opening (1947) by Brian Easdale on The Black Narcissus (Disques Cinémusique)
  8. Imitation of Christ by The Psychedelic Furs on The Psychedelic Furs (Sony Music)
  9. Passion by Peter Gabriel on Passion: Music for The Last Temptation of Christ (Real World)
  10. God by Tori Amos on Under the Pink (Atlantic)
  11. Suite from The Devils by Peter Davies Maxwell on The Devils (1971) (Collins Classics)
  12. Falsa Tranquillità by Ennio Morricone on La Monaca di Monza (EMI)
  13. Interno Notte by Berto Pisano on La Novizia (Four Flies SRL)
  14. God's Gift (Maggot) by Skinny Puppy on Mind: The Perpetual Intercourse (Nettwerk)
  15. Heaven On Their Minds by Murray Head on Jesus Christ Superstar (Geffen Records)
  16. Stigmata Martyr by Bauhaus on In the Flat Field (4AD)