EP. 159: April's Bloom

Play ball... themes of April! Eggs! BASEBALL!

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  1. april's-bloom by julie on pushing daisies (self-released)
  2. Yankees by Shame on Food For Worms (Dead Oceans) New
  3. Me and the Birds by Duster on Contemporary Movement (Up)
  4. Century Egg by Dual Neutral on Year of the Locust (Cup Factory) New
  5. Swing by Bedlocked on Sprawl (Self-Released)
  6. Sports by Viagra Boys on Street Worms (YEAR0001)
  7. Stretch My Arms by Viagra Boys on Cave World (Deluxe) (year0001) New
  8. Black Postcards by Luna on Romantica (Self Released)
  9. Major League Bullshit by two knights on Shut Up (Count Your Lucky Stars)
  10. Just Pick A Dead End and Chill Out Till You Die by two knights on Shut Up (Count Your Lucky Stars)
  11. 41 by Johnny Football Hero on Complacency (Knuckle Down, PennPop)
  12. Ballgame by Kevin Devine on Make the Clocks Move (Triple Crown)
  13. Sportswriting by Little Big League on These Are Good People (Tiny Engines)
  14. out loud by Remember Sports on Like A Stone (Father/Daughter)
  15. Eggs In A Basket by Todd Slant on Going By (Double Double Whammy)
  16. Little League by Cap'n Jazz on Analphabetapolothology (Jade Tree)
  17. Oh Messy Life by Cap'n Jazz on Analphabetapolothology (Polyvinyl)
  18. Friend to Friend In Endtime by Lungfish on Talking Songs for Walking / Necklace of Heads (Dischord)
  19. Giants by Sponge on Rotting Piñata (Sony)
  20. Ty Cobb by Soundgarden on Down On The Upside (UMG)
  21. Blow Up the Outside World by Soundgarden on Down On The Upside (UMG)
  22. Water Bottle Saké by Topiary Creatures on You Can Only Mourn Surprises (Putt Putt Saves the Shining House)
  23. This Is Me Trying (Taylor Swift) by Topiary Creatures (self-released)
  24. Baseball Bat by Whiner on Peace Out Cruel World (nothing for ages)
  25. More To Life Than Baseball by Petey on Other Stuff (Terrible)
  26. Lean Into Life by Petey on Lean Into Life (Terrible)
  27. Aaron Judge (Skit) by Logic on Vinyl Days (Def Jam)
  28. One Day As A Lion by One Day As A Lion on One Day As A Lion (Anti Inc.)
  29. Refuse To Lose by Cold World on No Omega (Six Feet Under)
  30. Tears Over Beers by Modern Baseball on Sports (Lame-O)
  31. A Modern Lay by Slaughter Beach, Dog on At The Moonbase (Lame-O)
  32. Mutual Aid by The Dumpies on Roberto Clemente (Hovercraft)