The Reeses peanut butter egg of episodes


  1. I Love You More by George Duke on Master of the Game (Epic Records)
  2. DR00L by Lil Pony 666 on Lil Pony 666 (self-released)
  4. WILDFLOWERS by Paper Rose Haiku on single (Sunroom Records and Salon)
  5. TRUCE by Jessica Boudreaux on single (Pet Club)
  6. Paper Flower - Edit by Beauty Queen on single (Sleep Well)
  7. We Are The Ones We've Been Waiting For by Freddie on Too Close (Seipoldt)
  8. The Peach by MICHELLE on single (Atlantic)
  9. Tear by Grooblen on single (self release)
  10. Emblem by Quinnie on Flounder (Columbia)
  11. love/pheromones by solr wrdn on single (self-released)
  12. Crimson To Chrome by Friko on single (Fire Talk)
  13. Wednesday by Nari on single (self-released)
  14. Dancing On My Own by The Regrettes on single (Warner)
  15. Product Pivot by Analog Dog on Product Pivot / Moon High (Independent)
  16. Horoscope by San Cisco on single (Nettwerk)
  17. Klepto by Ultra Q on single (Royal Mountain)
  18. Burning By Design by Shame on Food For Worms (Dead Oceans)
  19. Beg For The Torture by Destroy Boys on single (Hopeless Records)
  20. Passed Me By by Yaeji on With A Hammer (XL)
  21. B.W.A. by Stoni, JAMMY on single (Text Me)
  22. We The Female! by Chai on single (sub pop)
  23. Becoming Pt. 2 by UMB on High Fantasy (self release)
  24. Lost In Tarnation by Dewey Ivy on Gods in Guaze (Mr Pink)
  25. heavenly petticoat by high sunn on single (Spirit Goth)
  26. Cigarettes and Candy by Girlscout on Sweet Tooth (Earth Libraries)
  27. Hoping For Peace In My Heart by Gentle Return on Breathing Water (No Narrator)
  28. Shelter by Alice Phoebe Lou on Shelter (Alice Phoebe Lou)
  29. Avalanches and Unfamiliar Ways to Die by Ha Vay on single (self-released)
  30. Wet Cement - Live from Harlem - Take One by Gus Dapperton on single (warner)
  31. Pyjamas (Feat Remi Wolf) by Benny Sings on single (Stones Throw)
  32. From the Subway Train (Extended Version) by Vansire on Silverlake Listening Companion (Self released)
  33. nothing new by pena on nothing new (self released)
  34. Forbidden Doors by Tennis on Pollen (Thirty Tigers)
  35. Sunday by Mild Universe on single (Self-release)