The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/ Luna 13 & DJ Mina (Houston) 4/11/23


  1. Hear My Call by Luna 13 on Gorgo (Cleopatra)
  2. Pearls 2 Swine by 3Teeth on 3Teeth (Artiffact)
  3. Godlike by KMFDM on Retro (Waxtrax!)
  4. Consume It by Comfort Cure on Not My Taste EP (self released/Bandcamp)
  5. Attica by Linea Aspera on Preservation Bias (Dark Entries)
  6. Dark Horse by Luna 13 on Dark Horse single (Cleopatra)
  7. This Is Heresy by Christian Death on Sex And Drugs And Jesus Christ (Jungle)
  8. Dark Heart Of Me (Apoptygma Berzerk Remix) by Machinista on Black Tide EP (Infacted)
  9. Crystal Coffins by Occults on Crystal Coffins single (self released/Bandcamp)
  10. Break
  11. Unborn by Luna 13 on Gorgo (Cleopatra)