Maniac Mansion


  1. Full Moon in my Pocket by Swell Maps on A Trip to Marineville (Rather)
  2. And Your Mind by KKD on Stars Behind the Sun (Synthetic Shadows)
  3. Processed By The Boys by Protomartyr on Ultimate Success Today (Domino Records)
  4. I'll Follow You Down by Slaughter Joe on I'll Follow You Down (Creation)
  5. Sooprize for Mr. Mineo by The Mummies on Never Been Caught (Telestar)
  6. Get jealous by Shitkid on Duo Limbo​ / ​"Mellan Himmel å Helvete" (PNKSLM)
  7. Is it Alright? by Mikal Cronin on Mikal Cronin (Trouble in Mind)
  8. Undefined by The Hussy on Weed Seizure (Tic Tac Totally)
  9. Pleasure by Religious Girls on Pure Energy (Porch Party)
  10. Break
  11. No Life on This Street by Tee Vee Repairmen on What's on TV? (Total Punk) New
  12. Lost Boys by The Courtney’s (Burger)
  13. Tearjerker by Headache City on Headache City (Shit Sandwich)
  14. Weird Circles by Tera Melos on X’ed Out (Sargent)