A dreamy kick-driven nap stumbles onto your Monday docket-- The Lost Hour is enveloped in an hour-long trip curated by special guest Fallen Matter. The studio experiences wide and varied footwork, juke, club and experimental during this set, as we talk about forays into mutated and weirdly wonderful production, teeth-gritting talks on piano and instrumentation and the little-appreciated production skills of Björk.

You can follow Fallen Matter's tunes and their upcoming project with Local collective, Club Moniker, later this year on [Soundcloud]( "").


Happy Monday! ~ Tom

The Lost Hour is a weekly web of experimental ethereal music fun~ sometimes featuring guests and their funky thoughts and tunes.


  1. Windows for Rent (Instrumental) by Evanora Unlimited on Lustful Expanse (Self-Release)
  2. Mithlond (Instrumental) by Evanora Unlimited on Lustful Expanse (Self-Release)
  3. Blue Dusk by Laughing Eras on Blue Dusk (Infinite Machine)
  4. Attention by Softi (Self-Release)
  5. Torpor by Sinistarr on Everything On Time EP (Defrostatica)
  6. Process By Witch by Kick21 on Pro Unlimited (Comic Sans)
  7. Strobe Fodder by georg-i on Rave Ballista (YCO)
  8. Ur Boyfriend's Wack by Grove on Queer + Black (Memorials of Distinction x Spinny Nights)
  9. Dispute by Burna on Mayday EP (Self-Release)
  10. Clocked Out by Renslink on Everything In Between Semitones (Permahigh)
  11. Big Boys by Akiko Haruna on Be Little Me (Numbers)
  12. Link (Sandy's Trace Remix) by Lujiachi on Mantis EP (Over My Body)
  13. Danger by Pessimist on Blue 09 (AD 93)
  14. Creeper by Forest Drive West on Creeper (Ilian Tape)
  15. Own It by DJ Paypal on Drake Edits (Self-Release)
  16. Shafted by Kit Seymour on Sharpen, Moving (Timedance)