Maniac Mansion


  1. Vipers (Live) by Nag on Halloween 3 (Rope Bridge)
  2. Ceremony (live rehearsal tapes) by Joy Division on Misplaced (Rare And Unreleased Rehearsals 1977-1980) (Factory)
  3. Self-Indulgent Ways by Why Bother? on A City of Unsolved M (FEEL IT 97)
  4. Sometimes it's Funny by Tin Twist on Sometimes it's Funny (Mon Da Mu)
  5. Hey Una by Tyvek on Tyvek (Siltbreeze)
  6. Still by No Joy on Ghost Blonde (Mexican Summer)
  7. Absolutely No Coordination by The Orange Cardigan on Cassette Tape recordings 1979 to 1982 (Situation 2)
  8. Fucky Doodles by Fly Ashtray on Reports (self-released)
  9. Nothing Can Stop the Sound by Brian Jonestown Massacre on The Future is Your Past (A)
  10. Grease Rot Chemical by Gee Tee on Atomic (Goodbye Boozy)
  11. Piano Fire by Sparklehorse (feat. PJ Harvey) on It's a Wonderful Life (Capitol)
  12. Android Robot by Acid Baby Jesus on Acid Baby Jesus (Slovenly)
  13. Time's Up (Live) by Buzzcocks on Another Music in Another Kitchen (United Artists)
  14. Nighttime is Great! by Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti on Archevil (AjA)