Black Girl Joy Episode 122

Featuring Sunny War, Jai'Len Josey, Black Peppa and more!


  1. Sweet Nothing by Sunny War on Anarchist Gospel (New West)
  2. Bone by Mon RovÎa (RovÎa music)
  3. Familiar Face by Lutalo on Single (Winspear)
  4. Elixir by CHERISE (Cherise Adam-Burnett)
  5. Never See by Shawnee Dez on MOODY UMBRA (SUG N JAM)
  6. Logun by Iara Rennó, Moreno Veloso (dobra discos)
  7. Take Me Higher by Jai'Len Josey (Jai'Len Josey)
  8. Admit It by Hannah Jadagu (Sub Pop)
  9. Crash by Mora Michelle (tiredeyes)
  10. Utah by Madison McFerrin (MADMCFERRIN MUSIC)
  11. Fire Breather by Jean Deaux on HEAVY (Duality/EMPIRE)
  12. Na Sua by Majur (Self-Released)
  13. Kutamba by Junior Simba (Junior Simba)
  14. I Said by Swami Sound on Back In The Day (Notes By Design)
  15. Can't Explain - Omar S & TroiAlexis House Mix by Omar S, troialexis (FXHE)
  16. Radar (Zhao Remix) by TwoLips on Single (Self-Released)
  17. GLAMOUR Riddim by TYGAPAW, George Riley on love has never been a popular movement. (fabric Originals)
  18. Why Is She Calling? - Extended Mix by Black Peppa (Intention)
  19. Nasty Girl by Nuttin' Nyce on Down 4 Whateva (Zomba Recordings)
  20. Nightlife by Blair on Disco Music History, Vol. 9 (Halidon/Milestone)
  21. B.D.F.Q. by 79.5 on Single (Razor-N-Tape)
  22. Good For The Gander by Hot Chocolate (Numero Group)
  23. Who by London Hilll (Project Princess Enterprise)
  24. HOW DARE YOU by THOT SQUAD (Self-Released)
  25. OLE by Baaba J (Baaba J)
  26. Falling by Raelle (Raelle)
  27. Time Gets Wasted by Ash Walker, Sly5thAve, Denitia (Night Time Stories)
  28. I Go Disco by Chapter 8 on Chapter 8 (Sony)
  29. Check It Out by Dee Edwards on Two Hearts Are Better Than One (Atlantic)
  30. Sunset Sunrise by Grace Jones on Hurricane (Wall of Sound)