016: Japchae


  1. Opal (Four Tet Remix) by Bicep (Ninja Tune)
  2. The Kind by Zigg Gonzalezz on High Jackin' (Power House)
  3. Stay (Manoo Remix) by Nutown Soul on Stay (The Remixes) (Nutown Soul)
  4. Field Day by DeFeKT, Extrawelt (Feel My Bicep)
  5. Strobelight Honey by Robert Dietz on Strobelight Honey (E-Beamz)
  6. Pikes Pique (Hill Climbing) by Closet Yi (Silk Road Records)
  7. Pulsar by Lone (R&S Records)
  8. The Phoenix Part 2 by Mark Hawkins (Aus Music / Simple)
  9. Dots Obsession by Mona Yim on Gotta Do This, Gurl (Rekids Ltd)
  10. Pink Clouds by Moonwalk on 15 Years Stil vor Talent, Part 1 (Stil vor Talent)
  11. Right, What Time Do U Wanna Meet? by DJ Seinfeld on Parallax EP (Young Ethics)
  12. Where Is Home by Guy Mantzur, Khen (Bedrock Music Ltd)
  13. Tokyo (Damon Jee Remix) by Dino Lenny on Tokyo (Roam Recordings)
  14. Half-Light (Special Request Dub Remix) by George Fitzgerald, Tracey Thorn on All That Must Be (Remixes) (Domino Recording Co Ltd)
  15. Torpedo by AFFKT on Torpedo (Mobilee Records)
  16. Do Carry On (Original Mix) by Damon Jee on Dear Humans (Rotten City Files)
  17. Profondo Rosso by Kendal on Manifesto EP (moustache records)
  18. Bauerpost by Cirez D on Bauerpost / Glow In The Dark (Dub) (MOUSEVILLE RECORDS)
  19. Nuevo Planeta by YUNG PRADO on Nuevo Planeta (Young Ethics)
  20. Mr. Grammarticalogylisationalism Boss (Blond:Ish Remix) by BLOND:ISH, Fela Kuti on Mr. Grammarticalogylisationalism Boss (Blond:Ish Remix) (ABRACADABRA)
  21. Closer by Patrick Holland on Beaubien Dream (SOBO)
  22. Roses by ABRA on Rose (ACID PALACE RECORDINGS)
  23. VSOD (Velvet Sky of Dreams) by Tiga, Hudson Mohawke on VSOD (Velvet Sky of Dreams) (Love Minus Communications)
  24. Such a Bad Way by Against All Logic on 2012 - 2017 (Other People)