Special Guest Marika Christine!


  1. Buckle Up Baby by Marika Christine on Buckle Up Baby - Single (℗ 2023 Marika Christine)
  2. wayne (demo) by Frankie Cosmos on Clean Weird Prone (Sub Pop)
  3. Are You Free Tonight? by Pardoner on Single (Bar None)
  4. You Can Be Mean by Indigo de Souza on Single (Saddle Creek)
  5. In A Second by Mint on Interim (Edgar)
  6. Last Night (Rough Trade Version) by The Strokes on The Singles (RCA)
  7. Sun Goes Down by Beauty Queen on single (Sleep Well)
  8. Break
  9. The Sky Is Melting by Alex Lahey on Single (Liberation)
  10. Break
  11. Summer Reign feat. Ty Dolla $ign by Larry June, The Alchemist on The Great Escape (Freeminded/ALC/EMPIRE)
  12. Alone in the Mountains by Goth Babe on single (self-released)
  13. In My Side by Madge, Taifa Nia, Studio_Dad on single (Text Me)
  14. Dance With U by Luna Luna, Shrt_Lyf on single (Self-release)
  15. Break The Speax by Lil Pony 666 on Lil Pony 666 (self-released)
  16. Cool About It by boygenius on the record (Interscope)
  17. Afterglow by Starover Blue on single (self-release)
  18. Where Do I Go From Here? by Caroline Rose on The Art of Forgetting (New West)
  19. Rocket by Ultra Q on single (Royal Mountain)
  20. Penny by LAYNE, Nuffer on Single (LAYNE)
  21. I'm in the Band by Sun Kin, GUPPY on single (Veena)
  22. Georgia by The Band Cope on single (advanced_coping_mechanism)
  23. Burden of Youth by Life Size Models on Seasons EP (self released)
  24. Get A Grip by Anderson Hao on single (Harcourt Paloma)
  25. Twiggy Molts by Grooblen on single (Eleanor Stokes)
  26. Music and Heart by Marika Christine on single (self-released)
  27. Somebody Made For Me by Emitt Rhodes on The Emitt Rhodes Recordings (1969 - 1973) (Dunhill Records)
  28. The Flower Called Nowhere by Stereolab on Dots & Loops (Duophonic)
  29. Me And My Arrow by Harry Nilsson on The Point (RCA)
  30. Everyone's In Love With You by David Byrne on Look Into The Eyeball (Virgin Records)
  31. Moderation by Cate Le Bon on Pompeii (Mexican Summer)
  32. Apricot by Marika Christine on single (self released)