(post) minimalism (read: the totk pregame episode)


  1. Part of the Math by Panda Bear on A Day With the Homies (Domino)
  2. Golden Dust by Grandbrothers on Late Reflections (City Slang) New
  3. Sections 91-94 by Simeon ten Holt, Erik Hall on Canto Ostinato (Western Vinyl) New
  4. Snowing by Faten Kanaan on Afterpoem (Fire) New
  5. #17 by Brendan Eder Ensemble on Therapy (self-released) New
  6. Ticker Tape by Neil Cowley on Battery Life (Mote) New
  7. Charnwood Pigeon by water feature on Various Birds (tasty morsels) New
  8. 雨宿 ama-yadori by Ironomi on himorogi (KITCHEN. LABEL) New
  9. 雨從傍晚下到午夜 Raining on the Tent by Cicada on 棲​居​在​溪​源​之​上 Seeking the Sources of Streams (WINDIE) New
  10. Trot by Doon Kanda on Celest (wwwomb) New
  11. Canter and Gallop | 駈歩と襲歩 by David Edren & H.Takahashi on Flow (Aguirre) New
  12. Imprinting by The Necks on Travel (Northern Spy) New
  13. Wax by Natural Information Society on Since Time Is Gravity (Eremite Records) New
  14. Valley Of Wind In A Cosmic Garden by Takashi Kokubo & Andrea Esperti on Music For A Cosmic Garden (WRWTFWW) New