Sounds In The Dark - 5.10.23

Tonight's edition features new music from ghost and tape, Penguin Cafe, The Album Leaf, Brian Blade and the Fellowship Band, Tristan Eckerson, plus an amazing longform soundscape from More Eaze!


  1. Jito by ghost and tape on Freeform (Home Normal) New
  2. In Re Budd by Penguin Cafe on Rain Before Seven (Erased Tapes)

    New Record drops on July 7th!

  3. People's Park by Brian Blade and the Fellowship Band on King's Highway (Stoner Hill)

    New Another July 7th release on Blade's personal label.

  4. Stride by The Album Leaf on Future Falling (Eastern Glow Recordings)

    New New music from Jimmy LaValle, formerly of Tristeza

  5. Willing Suspension of Disbelief by Selffish on He She Them Us (Serein)

    From an awesome 2017 release by Latvian producer Andrejs Eigus.

  6. Radare by Please Let Me Come into the Storm / Luke on Im Argen (Golden Antenna)

    Awesome music from the German quartet (not to be confused with Philly-based drone artist Radere)

  7. Ruts by Tristan Eckerson on Disarm Revisited (Tristan Eckerson) New
  8. Glacierscape by The Green Kingdom on Voyager (The Green Kingdom)

    Splendid January release from The Green Kingdom, my only regret is playing it now and not earlier in the year!

  9. Waves from the North by Chihei Hatakeyama on Void XXV (White Paddy Mountain)
  10. Eternity by More Eaze on Eternity (Longform Editions)

    New Awesome new longform work from mari maurice out of Austin, TX.

  11. Raining by David Newlyn on Slow Motion (Variations) (David Newlyn)