1. Spell by Boy Harsher on Lesser Man (Nude Club)
  2. Eisbär by Grauzone (Electric Unicorn)
  3. Lamina Christus by Isolation Ward on Point Final (Radical)
  4. Airport Lights by Rangers on Suburban Tours (1270497)
  5. Germayne (Like A Cathedral) by The Cleaners From Venus on Number Thirteen (Mr Mule)
  6. Left In The Desert by Earth on Hex: Or Printing in the Infernal Method (Southern Lord)
  7. Heir by Public Memory on Wuthering Drum (Felte)
  8. Polaroid/Roman/Photo by Ruth on Polaroid/Roman/Photo (Angular)
  9. El Signo de la Cruz by Décima Victima on Los Que Faltan (s/r)
  10. Promised Land by Skeletal Family on Killed By Deathrock Vol. 2 (Sacred Bones)
  11. Silent Shout by The Knife on Silent Shout (Rabid)
  12. Fantasmas by Twin Tribes on Fantasmas (s/r)
  13. Cheree by Suicide on Suicide (Capitol)
  14. Hallowed Be My Name by Alice Cooper on Love It To Death (Warner Bros.)
  15. Love Buzz by Anika on Anika (Stones Throw)
  16. Raw Silk Uncut Wood by Laurel Halo on Raw Silk Uncut Wood (Latency)
  17. Synir by Kælan Mikla on Kælan Mikla (Artoffact)
  18. IY by 23 Skidoo on Just Like Everybody (LTM)
  19. I Follow You by Melody's Echo Chamber on Melody's Echo Chamber (Fat Possum)
  20. Luv Me Too by James K on PET (Dial)
  21. Sixteen Days/Gathering Dust by This Mortal Coil on Dust & Guitars (4AD)
  22. Go Away by Strawberry Switchblade on Strawberry Switchblade (Rough Trade)
  23. Rêverie by Cranes on Loved (Dedicated)
  24. Tension by All Your Sisters on Modern Failures (The Flenser) Local
  25. You Are The Beginning by Boris & Uniform (Sacred Bones) New