The B0ardcast Episode 44


  1. Soap No.1 by Amadoo's Crew on Bb (Visit
  2. The Goobs! - Always Be Mine by The Goobs! on The Goobs! x Ladywolf SPLIT! (Visit
  3. Susie's Dead by Ladywolf on The Goobs! x Ladywolf SPLIT! (Visit
  4. Summer by The Lemons on Cherry Lemonade (Visit
  5. Train by Beef Jerk on Tragic (Visit
  7. The Past and you by Expert Alterations on You Can't Always Be Liked (Visit
  8. Resignation by Blobs on Blobs Demo (Visit
  9. Shoopies by Dragons on Feelings (Visit
  10. Modern Boy by Fernando & the Teenage Narcs on Fernando Don't Surf (EP3) (Visit
  11. Sloppy Seconds by wimps on Super Me (Visit
  12. Really Nice Guys by Pony Time on Rumours 2 The Rumours Are True (Label)
  13. Cemetery with a View by Big Air on Buds (Visit
  14. Choker by Beach Goons on BoiSad (Visit
  15. Penelope's Leg by SadGirl on Penelope's Leg (Visit
  16. Heaven Knows by Sleuth on Heaven Knows, Love Goes On! (Visit
  17. Something's Missing by Lost Film on Imago (Visit
  18. Visions Smashed by The Homosexuals on The Rejects '76 (Visit
  19. Lake of Gold by Death Sentence: PANDA! on File: #05 (Visit
  20. what they need by the gutters on eventually L.P (Visit
  21. Hot Mullet by Hardly Boys on Hardly Boyz II Men (Visit
  22. Sick by Red Red Krovvy on II (Visit
  23. 16 A by Empty Heads on s/t (Visit
  24. History by Gauche on Get Away with Gauche (Visit
  25. Will You Be My Mom? by CHILDBIRTH on It's a Girl! (Visit
  26. Habits by Native America on Bad Weed / But Still Weed (Visit
  27. Olive Trees with Yellow Sky and Sun by The Airplanes on West Coast State of Mind EP (Visit
  28. Eating Paper by Fresh on Gewingchum (Visit
  29. Take Your Time by Camera Shy on Camera Shy ( Song ID: 258371687)
  30. I Made A Comic Strip by The Glow Cats on Cat Bits (PZL084 - Visit
  31. Holiday People by coffee garden on A Perfect Day for Bluebird (Visit
  32. Zonin' by L A N D L I N E S on Loserly E.P. (Visit
  33. What's In Your Pocket? by Evans The Death on Evans The Death (Slumberland)
  34. Shitty Beau by Fleabite on Over It (Visit
  35. See Ya Never by Makeout Vertigo on Can't Always Be There (Visit
  36. The day we met by HEHFU on The Single Collection (Visit
  37. American Guitars by The Auteurs on New Wave (000016C6 000013E5 000036B7 000030E5 0001FBFE 0001FBFE 00007B46 00007C59 0001FBFE 0001FBFE)
  38. This Is It by Obedient Wives Club on That Boy / This Is It (Visit
  39. Fado d'Água Fria by Pega Monstro on Alfarroba (Upset The Rhythm)
  40. Let Me Stand Close To The Water by Yea-Ming and The Rumours on Sign On My Window (Visit
  41. Don't Forget to Breathe by Beulah on Yoko - demo (Label)
  42. Before I Met You by Cars Can Be Blue on Trace the Tension (HHBTM Records)
  44. Leafy Green by Malasada on Malasada EP (Visit