Black Girl Joy Episode 125

Featuring eyeamiki, Christinna O, LadyBluand more!


  1. Sugarwater by Mungo's Hi Fi, Hollie Cook, Horseman (Scotch Bonnet)
  2. Uber Ride by Jamilah Barry (Self-Released)
  3. Run by Madison McFerrin, Bobby McFerrin on I Hope You Can Forgive Me (MADMCFERRIN MUSIC)
  4. Dreaming by Witch Prophet, Zaki Ibrahim on Gateway Experience (Heart Lake)
  5. Scream999 by Sola (Future Bounce Ltd)
  6. Oluayê by Iara Rennó, Zé Manoel (dobra discos)
  7. Frauds (Mall Grab Remix) by Vv Pete (Trackwork)
  8. Sweet Anxiety by LadyBlu (4245244 Records DK)
  9. sever the blight by hemlocke springs (Good Luck Have Fun)
  10. Renegade by Lava La Rue (Dirty Hit)
  11. Again by Christinna O (Self-Released)
  12. Fallin by Lo Village (+1)
  13. Inside by Aisha Badru (Nettwerk Music Group Inc.)
  14. Heavy Water by Shiv (Warner)
  15. GRIM by Amai (Arashi)
  16. The 5th Dimension (feat. TheHawtPlates) by Meshell Ndegeocello (Blue Note)
  17. Cinderella Man by eyeamki on V2: Queen of Camp (Life of Ki)
  18. Nazama by Nyokabi Kariuki on FEELING BODY (Cmntx)
  19. How To Kill A Man by Bloody Civillian (Self-Released)
  20. MAKE YOU BELIEVE by Donavan Glover, Milfie on Single (NATIVENOTLOCAL.)
  21. PRIVATE by CHÏA (Arashi)
  22. End Me by RADA (Self-Released)
  23. 11:11 (Give Me Luck) by Queen Kobra (C & N Media)
  24. BOO by La Juiice on Single (Trap House)
  25. Gimme Shelter by Merry Clayton on Gimme Shelter (Ode)
  26. No by Grace Victoria on Love & Justice (Self-Released)
  27. Dynamite by JONES on Magic In My Head (Self-Released)
  28. Lilac by Shania on Bloom (Shania Foster)
  29. Run from Me by Takaayla, Laneia (Self-Released)
  30. Psiu by Liniker on Indigo Borboleta Anil (Self-Released)
  31. Yo Do Something To Me by Axelle Rousseau, Think Zik ! All Star on Acoustic "Love" Sessions (Think Zik ! a Punk Punk Club)
  32. State of Mind by Meron T, Sey G (DMY)
  33. Roden by The Growth Eternal on PARASAiL-18 (Leaving)
  34. Count It by Rochelle Jordan on Play With The Charges (UNDRGRND)