transfiguration #288 2 become 1 mix (holiday in ruins)


  1. Soloaloha by Jane Stevenson on Antipodean Anomalies 2 (Left Ear Records)
  2. City Hell Cast in Fire (Miracle) by LA timpa on Pity by One All Good Treasure (O___O?)
  3. Why Won't You Talk To Me (feat. King Borneo) by mattstranger on Why Won't You Talk To Me (feat. King Borneo) - Single (Hot Record Societe)
  4. Once, Twice, Thrice by Eyes of Others on Eyes of Others (Heavenly Recordings)
  5. Somedays by vhs sports on Somedays - Single (Spirit Goth Records)
  6. I Am Just a Shell by VULPIX on I Am Just a Shell - Single (Spirit Goth Records)
  7. Summer Nights by Pastel Dream on Too Much Too Fast (self released)
  8. Dreamer by Nabihah Iqbal on DREAMER (Ninja Tune)
  9. Setting Sun by Whitelands on Setting Sun - Single (Sonic Cathedral)
  10. Ghost World by Barrie on 5K (Winspear)
  11. Molotov in Stereo by Frankie Rose on Love as Projection (Slumberland Records)
  12. The Mind Knows (feat. solent) by Saroos on The Mind Knows - Single (Alien Transistor)
  13. Holiday House by Beach House on Become (Sub Pop Records)
  14. Sugar Coating by Salami Rose Joe Louis on Akousmatikous (Brainfeeder)
  15. Fountain, Growth by Khotin & Tess Roby on Release Spirit (Ghostly International)
  16. Mean Stars by Betonkust on Concrete Coast (World Of Paint)
  17. Show Me by MRD on Løvehjerte (Live From Earth)
  18. Can't Wait by Olan Monk on Dubplate 08 - Single (AD 93)
  19. A New Light by Amarcord & Altutt on A New Light (Me Me Me)
  20. Limewire by untitled halo on Limewire - Single (self released)
  21. I Hope I See Some Of My Haters Out Tonight by Hysterical Love Project on Lashes (Motion Ward)
  22. Go On by a.s.o. on a​.​s​.​o. (self released)
  23. Trauma Bonding by Ben Bondy on Indexoxoxl (INDEX:Records)
  24. Nothing Sacred by Maara on The Ancient Truth (Step Ball Chain)
  25. Spring Snow (feat. Alto Aria) by Croatian Amor & Scandinavian Star on Two Autumns / Spring Snow (Posh Isolation)
  26. Sword by Natural Wonder Beauty Concept on Natural Wonder Beauty Concept (Mexican Summer)
  27. My Soul or Something (feat. KAZU) by Nosaj Thing on Continua (LuckyMe)
  28. ITU CUKUP! by Melati ESP on hipernatural (Carpark Records)
  29. Ache by Vase on Indexoxoxl (INDEX:Records)
  30. Never Going Home (Priori Remix) by CFCF on Never Going Home (self released)
  31. upon my angels by IDHAZ on infinite octaves arriving (self released)
  32. Astral Glow (feat. Jessica Pham) by Packed Rich on Warp Fields (Ilian Tape)