Bean's World #16


  1. Milo Minute by Grass Widow on Milo Minute 7 (HLR)
  2. River Wild by Ugly Winner on Minutes, Years and Never (Ugly Winner)
  3. Summer Fling by Eve's Peach on S/T (self released)
  4. Happy by The Umbrellas on The Umbrellas (Slumberland)
  5. Can't Hurt Me Now by Christina's Trip on Forever After (self)
  6. Butterflies by Crimpshrine on The Sound Of A New World Being Born (Lookout)
  7. Board Up by Fuck U Pay Us on Single (REIF)
  8. In Your Face by Spitboy on The Spitboy CD (Spitboy)
  9. Work by SBSM on Leave Your Body EP (Thrilling Living)
  10. All's Lost by Ragana on All's Lost (Ragana)
  11. Gloves Are Off by Wizard Apprentice on Dig a Pit (Cruisin Records)
  12. Regal Slut by Maya Songbird on Regal Slut (single) (self-released)
  13. Under the Sun by Spelling on Single (Sacred Bones Records)
  14. Water Sign Girl by Natasha Sandworms on Single Celled (Self)
  15. Judgement//Rebirth by Beast Nest on Songs for Puppies (Sharmi Basu)