New Vibes w/@Jon_Digital - Episode 42 05/20/23

If the answer isn't love, we'll wait for you. Wear headphones.


  1. Shadow of Lo by Return To Forever on Where Have I Known You Before (UMG)
  2. Ragga R&B by DJ Manny & Teklife (Teklife) New
  3. Harvest (feat. Andrew Bird & Chris Stills) by Rufus Wainwright on Folkocracy (Rufus Wainwright) New
  4. Ramble on Rose by Grateful Dead on RFK Stadium, Washington, DC, 6/10/73 (Live) (Rhino) New
  5. Judgement Day by EABS & Jaubi on In Search of a Better Tomorrow (EABS, Jaubi & Astigmatic Records) New
  6. Lung (Vines version) by Vines & Adrianne Munden-Dixon on Lung (Vines version) (Gold Bolus Recordings) New
  7. Cosmic Echos in Dub by Lord Echo on Rarities 2010 - 2020: Japanese Tour Singles (Soundway Records Ltd) New
  8. Ikigai (feat. Gavin Templeton, John Escreet, Billy Mohler & Damion Reid) by Dan Rosenboom on Polarity (Orenda Records) New
  9. Run by Madison McFerrin & Bobby McFerrin on I Hope You Can Forgive Me (MADMCFERRIN MUSIC) New
  10. Ways of Paradox by Klaus Gesing, Björn Meyer & Samuel Rohrer on Amiira - Curious Objects (Arjunamusic Records) New
  11. Stokes Croft Sleep Clinic by Snazzback & t l k on Ruins Everything (Worm Discs) New
  12. Say Something by Hearty Har (Hearty Har) New
  13. Blood by Sean Leon on Blood (made possible through SOUND) New
  14. Game Over by Speelburg on Game Over (Sophomore Slump) New
  15. Lake by Gacha Bakradze (Oathcreations) New
  16. Silver Lines by Raffy Bushman on Silver Lines EP (Bridge The Gap) New
  17. Caterpillar by James Ellis Ford on The Hum (Warp Records) New
  18. If the Answer Isn't Love by Sen Morimoto (City Slang / Sooper Records) New
  19. We'll Wait for You by Sun Ra and His Arkestra on Space Is the Place (Music from the Original Soundtrack) (Sundazed Music / Modern Harmonic) New