Saturday Morning Soul Salvation: Nouveaux Lorde


  1. Blue Over Blue by The Clientele on Blue Over Blue (Pointy)
  2. Super Ego by Babe Rainbow on Super Ego (Flightness)
  3. As I Lay Chillin by Harmless on As I Lay Chillin (RA)
  4. A Song About Me by Oscar Lang on A Song About Me (Dirty Hit)
  5. Pawnshop by Kara Jackson on WHy Does the Earth Give Us People? (September)
  6. Psychos by Jenny Lewis on Psychos (Warner)
  7. Everybody's Saying That by GIrl Ray on Everybody's Saying That (Moshi Moshi)
  8. Pollen Song by Tennis on Pollen (Fat Possum)
  9. Lose you by Bully and Soccer Mom on Lose You (COlumbia)
  10. It All Comes Back by The Fruit Bats on A River Running To Your Heart (Merge)
  11. Somebody Is Trying to Hoodoo Me by The Nude Party on Rides On (New West)
  12. Strawberry Daydream by Pacific Avenue on Rides On (Pacific Ave)
  13. When the Angel Comes by Adanowsky, Karen O on The Fool (Pacific Avenue)
  14. Maria by Sam Burton on Maria (Partisan)
  15. Sad Song by Hether on Covered in Hether (Yellow Sound)
  16. Black Earth, WI by Ratboys on Black Earth, WI (Topshelf)
  17. For a While by Whitney on For a While (Arista)
  18. Housefly by Corey Hansen on Housefly (Drag City)
  19. I Love Someone Burried Deep by Ron Gallo on Foreground Music (New West)
  20. Checks in the Mail by John Andrews and the Yawns on Love for the Underdog (Fat Possum)
  21. Distraction - Live by Ty Segal on Distraction (Drag City)
  22. Do Rainbows Have Ends by Brian Jonestown Massacre on The Future Is Your Past (BOMP!)
  23. Eat Your Young by Hozier on Eat Your Young (Rubyworks)
  24. Hell N Back by Bakar on Hell N Back (Black Butter)
  25. Lack of Lake by Jessica Jalbert on Brother Loyola (Old Ugly)
  26. Julia by Vox Rea on Julia (604)