Episode 3


  1. Keep Me From Crying Today by Billy Jo Spears on Look Out Your Window (MTI)
  2. The Future Light Cone 1b by Agnes Martian on The Future Light Cone (Self-released) Local
  3. Afternoon of a Swan by Speedy West on Guitar Spectacular (Capitol Records Nashville)
  4. The Garden by Norman O. Brown on The Garden (UCSC Special Collections) Local
  5. Cloudy With Occasional Tears by Skeeter Davis on Cloudy, With Occasional Tears (RCA Victor)
  6. Look What You’ve Done to My Heart by The Miller Sisters on Got You on My Mind: The Sun Recordings (Charly)
  7. Silver Tongue by Briana Marela on You Are a Wave (Self-released) Local
  8. He Needs Me by The A’s on Fruit (Psychic Hotline)
  9. Once a Day by Loretta Lynn on Songs From My Heart (UMG Recordings)
  10. Lure by Rosa Beach Mason and Sean Conrad on Wake (Inner Islands) Local
  11. You’re Running Wild by The Louvin Brothers on My Baby’s Gone (Capitol Records Nashville)
  12. At the Rainbow’s End by Hank Thompson on Songs of the Brazos Valley (Capitol Reocrds Nashville)
  13. Frog by Beast Nest on Sicko (Ratskin Records) Local
  14. He Don’t Love Me Anymore by June Carter Cash on Live from the Louisiana Hayride (Scena Records)
  15. Four Walls by Kay Starr on Just Plain Country (Capitol Records)
  16. A Heart, Yours, My Own by Idhaz on The Magic in Being Worn Down (True Indigo) Local