@Jon_Digital 08/27/15

Coming to (semi) live from my study in Plymouth, I'll be sharing my favourite music from the week past and engaging you aurally with my British accent. Let's hang out for a couple of hours. Wear headphones.


  1. Violet Minded by Deradoorian on The Expanding Flower Planet (Anticon)
  2. Smukke Lyde by Dave DK on Total 15 (Kompakt)
  3. Manipuri by Jurgen Paape on Total 15 (Kompakt)
  4. Flex by Gwilym Gold on A Paradise (Brille Records)
  5. Thunder Tactics by Michael Manring on Unusual Weather (Adventure Music)
  6. The Bright Light Of The Truth by Woolfy vs. Projections on Stations (Permanent Vacation)