Tuff Signals 86


  1. No Luck by What Tyrants on No Luck (Forged Artifacts)
  2. Desire by Century Palm on Bruised Tongue Afterburners, Vol. 5 (Bruised Tongue)
  3. A Life In Films by Real Numbers on What Was And What Is (Grabbing Clouds Records and Tapes)
  4. Propane by Heaters on Holy Water Pool (Beyond Beyond Is Beyond)
  5. Nail File by NIGHTSHADES on Wendy (Self Released)
  6. If You're Scared by together PANGEA on The Phage (Burger Records)
  7. Anxious Times by IMPO & the Tents on Anxious Times 7 (Alien Snatch Records)
  8. You Used to Be My Baby by Vicky and the Vengents on cassette (Burger Records)
  9. The Grave by Corners on Beyond Way (Burger Records)
  10. New Beginnings by Part Time on Virgo's Maze (Burger Records)
  11. Really Nice Guys by Pony Time on Rumours 2: The Rumours Are True (Self Released)
  12. Jodi by Dancer (Burger Records)
  13. That Kind of Girl by All Dogs on Kicking Every Day (Self Released)
  14. Don't Cry Anymore by The Yolks on Don't Cry Anymore 7 (Randy Records)
  15. Act Like You Know Me by Spike and the Sweet Spots on Strange Breed (Randy Records)
  16. SEE YOU ALL THE TIME by Deadbeat Beat on When I Talk To You (Gold Tapes)
  17. Witchy Witchy Witch Me by Nancy's Raygun on Nancy's Raygun - EP (Self Released)
  18. In II Deep by Connections on 5 Imaginary Boys (HoZac Records)
  19. Deceiver by Prison Whites (Fat Cat Records)
  20. Yr Too Cool by Eerie Summer (Manchester’s Box Bedroom Rebels)
  21. Dinner Date by Diet Cig on Dinner Date 7 (Father Daughter Records)
  22. Pill Spectre by Grandparents on Kids in the Alley (Self Released)
  23. Black Balloon by Deep Creep on Deep Creep (Self Released)
  24. All Smiles Over Here by The Garden on Haha (Burger Records)
  25. Cylindrical by The Brainstems on Cold Sweatin' (Self Released)
  26. Fly on the Wall by Bummers Eve on Fly on the Wall 7 (Almost Ready Records)
  27. Invisible Man by Strange Attractor on Brain Tape 2k15 (Brain Tape)
  28. Media Naranja by AJ Davila Y Terror Amor on Beibi (Burger Records)
  29. Heat by Vacation on Non-Person (Don Giovanni Records)
  30. Always the Same by The Ar-Kaics on Always the Same b​/​w Let Me In (Market Square Recordings)
  31. Home In The Morning by The Smoking Trees on Acetates (Ample Play Records / Colour Tree Records)
  32. Drink It Dry by Dead Ghosts on Love and Death and all the Rest (Burger Records)
  33. Straight Lines by Shopping on Why Choose (Self Released)
  34. Modern Machine by The Crowd on BEACH BLVD (Posh Boy)
  35. What I Need by Vision on Inertia (Burger Records)
  36. Clean Dreams by Woolen Men on Temporary Monument (Woodsist)