The Hanging Garden Radio Show 9/3 with guest co-host DJ Sage!


  1. Love Crime by Siouxsie
  2. Undone by Cold Showers
  3. Undoing by Tempers
  4. Immaterial Man by Autobahn
  5. Silhouettes by Viet Cong
  6. Feels Like Heaven by Fiction Factory on Throw The Warped Wheel Out
  7. Kiss Me by Stephen Duffy
  8. We'll Fly Away (Radio Edit) by The Frozen Autumn on Lie In Wait
  9. Forgotten by Kontravoid on Kontravoid
  10. Embraces by Sara Noxx on Equinoxx
  11. Dr. Sex by Pleasure and The Beast
  12. It's A Mug's Game by Soft Cell (n/na)
  13. Fetish by Vicious Pink
  14. Never Say Never by Romeo Void
  15. Infected by The The
  16. The Man With X-Ray Eyes by Bauhaus on Mask
  17. Deep Water by Strawberry Switchblade on Strawberry Switchblade
  18. Persephone by Cocteau Twins on Treasure
  19. Dead Souls by Joy Division on Still
  20. Ornamants of Gold by Siouxsie and The Banshees on Peepshow
  21. Blissful Myth by Rudimentary Peni
  22. Katarsis by She Past Away
  23. Body Electric by The Sisters Of Mercy
  24. Benevolent Technologies by QUAL
  25. Still Smiling by I Start Counting
  26. She's Leaving by Marsheaux