The B0ardcast Episode 46


  1. What Cleopatra said by Candelaria Varela on The day that I cried so hard I ran out of tears and cried music (Visit
  2. Walk For Room by Dick Diver on Arks Up (Visit
  3. Caminando by Ponyta on La Naturaleza de los Intrusos (Visit
  4. Otoño, Abril, Boedo (Señoritas del Bar) by Las Tetas Del Hombre Muerto on La Digestión de los Sonidos (Visit
  5. Dead Horse by Dragons on Feelings (Visit
  6. pressure by kurt on soft things (Visit
  7. Skyline to reorder by Seven Tin Stars on Goodbye stars (daylight is coming) (Visit
  8. devil golems by pitschouse on pitschouse (Visit
  9. Black Hole by all dogs on Kicking Every Day (Visit
  10. Michael Cera Daydream by Hardly Boys on Hardly Boyz II Men (Visit
  11. Pamela by Advance Base on Nephew in the Wild (Tomlab)
  12. You Disappear by La Luz on Weirdo Shrine (Visit
  13. Grounded by supermoon on comet lovejoy (Visit
  14. Hold On, Call by A Certain Smile on Hold On, Call / Hushed (Visit
  15. Another Saturday by Kip McGrath on Kip McGrath EP (Visit
  16. No pares de bailar by Selvática on Canciones Cariocas (Visit
  17. Mabel (When It Gets Dark) by Beds In Parks on Mabel (When It Gets Dark) / Something To Do (Visit
  18. Sleep Talk by Diet Cig on Sleep Talk / Dinner Date (Self Released)
  19. Sweetness by Gem Bones on Sweetness (Visit
  20. Hep Hep by Amadoo's Crew on Bb (Visit
  21. July 22nd (demo) by MERCURY GIRLS on Demos (Visit
  22. Try by Lost Film on Imago (Visit
  23. Boom Hazard by Gauche on Get Away with Gauche (Visit
  24. Standing On The Platform by The Haywains on Bobby Gentry's Tears EP (Visit
  25. Down to Reno by Black Bats on Black Bats (Visit
  26. A Lot Less by Sub Society on No Legs To Stand On (Didier: Drums, Chris: Guitar, Tommy: Guitar, Hesh One: Bass, Stimy: Vocals. Recorded 092489 live at KSDT, UCSD, La Jolla, California. Engineered & Produced by Steve Branin.)
  27. Jasz by New Fries on Split 7 (Visit
  28. Someone I'd Like To Know by Earth Girls on Someone I'd Like to Know (Visit
  29. Back In The City by Young Scum on Reporters / Young Scum split (Visit
  30. You Gave Me by Cars Can Be Blue on Trace the Tension (HHBTM Records)
  31. Capital Between Brackets by The Faintest Ideas on What Goes up Must Calm Down ( Song ID: 201163206)
  32. (It's Your) Lovesong by Lunchbox on Smash Hits EP (Visit
  33. Oh, To Be A Defector by Chorusgirl on Oh, To Be A Defector (Visit
  34. Movies by Thurst on YSFC (Visit
  35. Plane Crash by Catholic Spray on Earth Slime (Self Released)
  36. Let's Swim, Then Have Breakfast by The Glow Cats on Cat Bits (PZL084 - Visit
  38. Sometimes Accidentally by The Goon Sax on Sometimes Accidentally (Visit
  39. Stranger by Hans Pucket on Stranger (Visit
  40. I Got Money by Van Dale on Van Dale (Visit
  41. sweet by Bugs Eat Books on demo (self released)