The British Are Coming 9-6-2015


  1. Salt Carousel by Evian Christ on waterfall (tri angle records)
  2. Blue Ribbons by Morning Smoke on In Euphoria (SR)
  3. David Cassidy by Betty and The Werewolves on tea time favourites (damaged goods records)
  4. Fleeting Moments by Pocketbooks on flight paths (how does it feel to be loved)
  5. A Heat Rash In The Shape Of The Show Me State by Los Campesinos! on romance is boring (arts & crafts)
  6. Animal by The Pigeon Detectives on we met at sea (cooking vinyl limited)
  7. We'll Both Apologise by Trust Fund on don't let them begin (reeks of effort)
  8. Waterfall by Fear of Men on loom (kanine records)
  9. To Hell With Good Intentions by Mclusky on mcluskyism (too pure records ltd.)
  10. Arming Eritrea by Future of The Left on travels with myself and another (4AD ltd.)
  11. She Changes The Weather by Swim Deep on where the heaven are we (sony Music UK)
  12. Piss Off by FFS on FFS (domino recording co.)
  13. Sea Air by Micachu and The Shapes on sea air (rough trade records)
  14. Loud Places (John Talabot Remix) by Jamie XX on Loud Places (remixes) (young turks)
  15. Time (LXURY Remix) by Jungle on time (LXURY Remix) (XL Recordings)
  16. I Do It For Your Love by The Bohicas on the making of (domino recording co.)
  17. You're A Germ by Wolf Alice on my love is cool (RCA records)
  18. Hand Prints by As Elephants Are on hand prints (once upon a time records)
  19. I'm Your Man by Allusondrugs on allusondrugs (clue records)
  20. Nail Biter by Human Hair on my life as a beast and lowly form (the state51 conspiracy)
  21. Society by AUTOBAHN on dissemble (tough love records)
  22. Surfing In My Head by Deathcats on the raddest (emubands)
  23. You're Gone by Summer Camp on Bad Love (moshi moshi records)
  24. You by Tigercub on destroy / you (cannibal hymns)
  25. Spilt Milk Perfume by Algernon Doll on Omphalic (struggletown records)
  26. Distortion by Yak on plastic people (SR)
  27. Alright by The Magic Gang on no fun (telharmonium)