dance floor tears mixtape

For all u cry bbys, it's 90 degrees today and the dance floor is fire.

Hope u like a lot of OMD and Prince


  1. Enola Gay by OMD on Organisation (Virgin)
  2. Cars by Gary Numan (Beggar's Banquet)
  3. West End Girls (1984 version 7 by Pet Shop Boys on Please (Bobcat Records)
  4. Electricity by Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark on 7 (Factory)
  5. La Dolce Vita by Ryan Paris (Carrere)
  6. Delirious by Prince on 1999 (Warner)
  7. The Killing Moon by Echo & The Bunnymen on Ocean Rain (Sire)
  8. Secret by OMD on Crush (Virgin)
  9. I Wanna Take You Out by Part Time on What Would You Say (Mexican Summer)
  10. No Title (Molly) [2008] by John Maus on A Collection of Rarities and Previously Unreleased Material (Ribbon Music)
  11. Love Will Tear Us Apart by Joy Division on 7 (Factory Records)
  12. The Book I Read by Talking Heads on Talking Heads '77
  13. Magic Hearts by Calvin Love on New Radar (Autumn Radar)
  14. Boys Don't Cry by The Cure on Three Imaginary Boys (Fiction)
  15. Slow by Twin Shadow on Forget (Terrible Records)
  16. So In Love by OMD on Crush (Virgin)
  17. Always On My Mind by Pet Shop Boys on Introspective (Parlophone)
  18. Reality by Electronic on Electronic (Warner Bros)
  19. Our System by OMD on English Electric (BMG)
  20. Wereglide by Grimes on Halfaxa (Arbutus)
  21. I Get Excited by Pet Shop Boys on Introspective (Parlophone)
  22. Little Red Corvette by Prince on 1999 (NPG)
  23. Mind by Talking Head on Fear Of Music (Sire)
  24. Genius of Love by Tom Tom Club on Tom Tom Club (Sire)
  25. Pure by The Lightning Seeds (Ghetto)
  26. If You Leave by OMD (Virgin)