Stuck In Thee Garage #95

This week, DJ Koomdogg celebrates the show's and the station's second birthday with two hours of kickass rock, including an hour of songs featuring the number two.


  1. Stuck In Thee Garage by The Dirtbombs on Dangerous Magical Noise (In the Red)
  2. Furlong by Gold Class on It's You (felte)
  3. Dairy Queen by PWR BTTM on Ugly Cherry (Father/Daughter)
  4. Livin' on the Coast by Plastic Pinks on Livin' on the Coast (Wiener Records)
  5. Super Me by Wimps on Super Me (Kill Rock Stars)
  6. I'm a Full Grown Man by Barrence Whitfield and the Savages on Under the Savage Sky (Bloodshot Records)
  7. Call, Call, Call by Will Johnson on Swan City Vampires (Undertow)
  8. Midnight Meet the Rain by Destroyer on Poison Season (Merge)
  9. Backseat Driver by Los Colognes on Dos (Theory 8)
  10. Barely There by Mac McCaughan on Non-Believers (Merge)
  11. Why Does It Shake by Protomartyr on The Agent Intellect (Hardly Art)
  12. White Devil by Sealings on I'm a Bastard (Faux Discx)
  13. Basalisk by Donovan Wolfington on How to Treat the Ones You Love (Topshelf Records)
  14. Stunted by Sports on All of Something (Father/Daughter Records)
  15. Bones by The Diamond Center on Crystals for the Brass Empire (Funny/Not Funny, Egghunt Records, Steady Sounds Records)
  16. It's Too Late by Shannon and the Clams on Gone By The Dawn (Hardly Art Records)
  17. Past Tense by Long Limbs on The Hand Cut Record Club (Art Is Hard Records)
  18. Jelly Sweat by Ava Luna on Takamatsu Station (Self-released)
  19. Dinner Date by Diet Cig on Sleep Talk/Dinner Date (Father/Daughter Records)
  20. Stay True by Hard Left on We are Hard Left (Future Perfect Records)
  21. Two of Us by The Beatles on Let It Be (Apple Records)
  22. Two Magpies by The Fireman on Electric Arguments (ATO Records)
  23. Two Seats Gold Reserve by Centro-Matic on Dual Hawks (Misra)
  24. Just the Two of Us by Thin Lizzy on Vagabonds Kings Warriors Angels (Mercury)
  25. Two Riders by Bohannons on Unaka Rising (Self-released)
  26. Two Snakes by Pile on Magic Isn't Real (Self-released)
  27. Two Rooms by The Feelies on The Good Earth (Coyote, Twin/Tone)
  28. Two Rights by Glenn Mercer on Wheels in Motion (Pravda Records)
  29. The Two Sides of Monsieur Valentine by Spoon on Gimme Fiction (Merge)
  30. Two Beads at the End by Minutemen on Double Nickels On the Dime (SST)
  31. Two Beats Off by Fugazi on Repeater (Dischord)
  32. Shelter Two by The Evens on The Evens (Dischord)
  33. Two Rocking Chairs on a Porch by Piebald on When Life Gives You Lemons... (Hydra Head Records)
  34. Two Fat Feet by The Fiery Furnaces on Gallowsbird's Bark (Rough Trade America)
  35. Two Coffins by Against Me! on Transgender Dysphoria Blues (Total Treble)
  36. Two Minutes by Wire on Red Barked Tree (Pinkflag)
  37. Two Years Two Days by Sebadoh on Bubble and Scrape (Sub Pop)
  38. Two More Years by Bloc Party on Two More Years (Wichita)