Partially Ripped No 5


  1. Mother Confessor by A Band Called Flash (Boiler Room Debut)
  2. All Around And Inside by Anthony Child on Electronic Recordings from Maui Jungle Vol. 1 (Editions Mego)
  3. Delores - Karthala 72 by Karthala (Electric Cowbell)
  4. Give Me No "Roses" by Can on Out of Reach (Lillith)
  5. Norderland by Eroc on Eroc (Brain)
  6. All I Wanna Do by The Beach Boys on Sunflower (Reprise)
  7. Stony Creation by The Summer Hits on Beaches and Canyons (Medical)
  8. Me n My Cutaway by Seth Peterson on SWEET REAPER (Burer)
  9. Salt by Alex G on Beach Music (Domino)
  10. You Should Know by Vision on INERTIA (Burger)
  11. Haha by The Garden on Haha (Epitaph)
  12. Lady's In Trouble With The Law by LA Priest on inji (Domino)
  13. CHKN by Ashrae Fax on Never Really Been Into It (Mexican Summer)
  14. Pray For Rain by Pure Bathing Culture on Moon Tides (Partisan)
  15. Talk About The Past by The Wake on Talk About The Past (Factory)
  16. Easier Said by TOPS on Picture You Staring (Arbutus)
  17. Girl From Somewhere by The Clientele on Bookshop Casanova (Merge)
  18. Police My Love by The Mantles on All Odds End (Slumberland)
  19. Bun P. / Jr. (Kool Toad) by Bun P on Rock Roll Music (Night People)
  20. Blue Eggs (ft. Uriah Klapter) by Red Axes
  21. Aliens In Our Midst by Mike Rep and the Quotas on Cartoonland/Aliens In Our Midsnt (New World of Sound)
  22. Gonna Shake It (Until It Dies) by Don Howland on Life Is A Nightmare (12XU)
  23. Something's Gone Wrong Again by Buzzcocks on Something's Gone Wrong Again (IRS)
  24. Island Fever by Billy Changer on S/T (Lolipop Records)
  25. Gradeschool Fantasy by Fluffy Lumbers on Harry Dolland's (Group Tightener)
  26. 3 Stereo by Fine Steps on All Day Long (Volar Records)
  27. I'm On Fire by Electrelane on On Parade (Too Pure)
  28. Back of Her Hand by The Magick Heads on Back of Her Hand (Flying Nun)
  29. Disappearing by Is/Is on Return To Zero
  30. Quiet Riot Grrrl by Further on WHERE WERE YOU THEN 1991-1997 (Burger)
  31. Insane Ok by The Whines (Just For The Hell Of It)
  32. Garden by Hinds on Leave Me Alone (Mom+Pop)