1. Carnivore by Carnivore on Carnivore
  2. Paragon Belial by Darkthrone on A Blaze in the Norhtern Sky
  3. The Majesty of the Night Sky by Emperor on In the Nightside Eclipse
  4. Sinister Mister by Hard Stuff on Bulletproof
  5. You're in America by Granicus on Granicus
  6. Transylvania by Iron Maiden on Iron Maiden
  7. Invader by Judas Priest on Stained Class
  8. Tea by King Diamond on Them
  9. A Child Was Born by Quicksand Dream on Aelin: A Story About Destiny
  10. These Days by Tiger B. Smith on Tiger Rock
  11. Rock Me by Mammath on Rock Me
  12. Sum of All Failures by Horrendous on Anareta
  13. Summon the Antichrist by Akercocke on Antichrist
  14. The Krusher by Asphyx on Last One on Earth
  15. Cursed Blades Cast Upon The Slavecum of Christ by Adversarial on Death, Endless Nothing and the Black Knife of Nihilism
  16. Through the Eye of Terror by Bolt Thrower on Realm of Chaos
  17. Messiah by Hellhammer on Apocalyptic Raids
  18. Hunger by Knelt Rote on Trespass
  19. Blood Fog by Pissgrave on Suicide Euphoria
  20. Circle of the Tyrants by Celtic Frost on Emperor's Return
  21. We Live In A Cave by Cretin on Stranger
  22. The Final Slaughter by Nifelheim on Devil's Force
  23. Goat and the Moon by Archgoat on The Light-Devouring Darkness
  24. Mean Street by Van Halen on Fair Warning