Episode 6

Welcome to The Hangover Cure, your weekly injection of chill tunes and phat beats to get you up and out of the Sunday morning haze. For our sixth official episode, we've got a beautiful mix of new and classic nu disco, house, and EDM vibes to flood your eardrums with pure joy.

Full Episode

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Uninterrupted Playlist


  1. Moonrise by Zimmer
  2. Ghost (Björn Official Remix) by Älex and The Talai Lama
  3. Tennessee by kiiara
  4. All Night by NVOY
  5. Flashlight by Bonobo on Flashlight (Ninja Tune)
  6. Colors (PLS&TY Remix) by Genevieve
  7. In The Air Ft. Angela McCluskey (SoySauce* Edition) by SoySauce
  8. Into My Dream (ft. Louise Mambell) by 3 Monkeyzz
  9. So Hard by Tiger Mountain & S2V
  10. Darkness by AWR x Sonny Alven
  11. Trap King (Fetty Wap ft. Adriana Gomez Cover) by Two Friends & INSTRUM
  12. Walk With Me (feat. KUČKA) by Cosmo's Midnight
  13. Over U (Chet Porter Remix) by Hitmane