Tuff Signals 87


  1. Pub On My Own by Drunk Mums on Gone Troppo (Pissfart Records)
  2. I Wanna be Dumb by The Yolks on Don't Cry Anymore 7 (Randy Records)
  3. Anxious Love by The Kickstand Band on In the Sun (Self Released)
  4. Non-Plussed by Clearance on Rapid Rewards (Tall Pat Records)
  5. Irrelevant by The Kyle Sowashes on Everybody (Anyway Records)
  6. Artemia by WHO & THE FUCKS on Porous (Self Released)
  7. Jelly-Bean by Gaze on Mitsumeru (K K Records)
  8. Mucho Mango by The Longshots on Mucho Mango (Mock Records)
  9. Ode to Siouxie by MASSENGER on Banshee EP (Burger Records)
  10. Right On by Sultan Bathery on Right On EP (Slovenly Recordings)
  11. Candy by White Reaper on White Reaper Does It Again (Self Released)
  12. Teenage Cloud by Baby Shakes on Starry Eyes (Self Released)
  13. 4KD by OBN IIIs on Worth a Lot of Money (12XU)
  14. Happy Damage by Jacuzzi Boys on Happy Damage EP (Magma Records)
  15. Home Sick by Dune Rats on Dune Rats (Dine Alone)
  16. The Future by Pool Boy on Part 2 (Self Released)
  17. Cap Gun by Heaters on Holy Water Pool (Beyond Beyond Is Beyond)
  18. You Can Change by Pearl Charles on Pearl Charles (Self Released)
  19. WHAT A DRAG by WOD on I'm gonna tell everyone we slept together, even if we didn't (Self Released)
  20. Smoke and Mirrors by The Blind Suns on Fire In The Sky (Self Released)
  21. Corvette by Shannon and the Clams on Gone By the Dawn (Hardly Art Records)
  22. Cracks by Cold Beat on Into the Air (Crime on the Moon)
  23. Darko by Casual Sweetheart on Always/Never (Self Released)
  24. Streets Ahead by Whatever Forever on Nervous Breakthroughs Split EP (Self Released)
  25. Bye Babe by Daisy Chains on Nervous Breakthroughs Split EP (Self Released)
  26. Temporary Monument by Woolen Men on Temporary Monument (Woodsist)
  27. Vintage Future by The Intelligence on Vintage Future (In the Red Recordings)