Warm Focus: Pattern Matching

Super chill vibes and smooth transitions in this week's episode. This was my first using a hardware controller, so it really let me fiddle with the audio quality in a more nuanced way.


  1. Run by Welder on Florescence
  2. Second Thoughts by General Fuzz on Soulful Filling
  3. Thai Tea by Weirddough on Ascension EP
  4. Akiko by Guitar on Tokyo
  5. Wonderland of Living Things by Mark McGuire on Along the Way
  6. Lifespan (Instrumental) by Vaults on Lifespan
  7. Arpegiarre by Steve Hauschildt on Where All Is Fled
  8. Horizon by ambinate on Horizon EP
  9. Souveniers by Dream Koala on Blur
  10. They Move On Tracks of Never-Ending Light by This Will Destroy You on S/T
  11. Late by Teen Daze on All of Us, Together
  12. Infinity Focus by Starfawn on Starfawn EP
  13. Concept 1 by Kodomo on Still Life
  14. Babe by Evenings on Late Night Tales - Jon Hopkins
  15. Tunnels and Planes by Nick Leng on Tunnels and Planes
  16. Chinatown by Do Say Make Think on & yet & yet
  17. Awakening of a Woman (burnout) by The Cinematic Orchestra on Man With a Movie Camera
  18. Chrome Country by oneohtrix point never on R Plus Seven
  19. Always This Late by Odesza on In Return (Counter Records)
  20. Kroost Kids by Kettel on Myam James Part 1
  21. More Streets by zpiderflower on I, Zpi (unk)
  22. Pier 57 by Aim on Flight 602
  23. Sleep Sound by Jamie XX on In Colour
  24. Pferd by Pole on Steingarten
  25. Cry Osaka Cry by Arovane on Lilies
  26. Sleepy Quest for Coffee by Plastik Joy on 3:03
  27. Running to the Ghost by James Blackshaw on The Cloud of Unknowing
  28. Ruins by Portico Quartet on Portico Quartet
  29. Ten-Day Interval by Tortoise on TNT (unk)