Shrimp Boy #12


  1. Swords by M.I.A
  2. Hands on the wheel by Schoolboy Q, A$AP Rocky
  3. Kush High by Eight4 Fly
  4. Metele by Buscabulla on Kitsune: Buscabulla
  5. What I might do by Ben Pearce
  6. Atomic Bomb by William Onyeabor
  7. Right Hand by Drake on Right Hand
  8. Timeout by Terror Chain
  9. Monkey Chop by Dan-I
  10. Swingin' Party by Kindness
  11. Don't Wanna Lose by Ex Hex on Ripes (Merge)
  12. Endless Rhythm by Baio on The Names (Glassnote)
  13. Demon by Shamir on Ratchet (XL Recordings)
  14. Nothing Ever Happened by Deerhunter on Microcastle
  15. Oh my darling meow the jewels by Run The Jewels on Meow The Jewels