The B0ardcast Episode 52


  1. David Cassidy by Betty And The Werewolves on Rough Trade Shops - Indiepop '09
  2. She's Got the Beat by Tullycraft on The Singles ( Song ID: 211032559)
  3. Falling Down by Tall Juan on Falling Down (Single) (Visit
  4. Getting Nowhere Fast by The Wedding Present on George Best
  5. Target Practice by Henry's Dress on Bust 'Em Green
  6. Good For Nothing by WOLF GIRL on Mama's Boy (Visit
  7. Main Stream by New Swears on Junkfood Forever, Bedtime Whatever (Visit
  8. The Goobs! - Waitin' On You by The Goobs! on The Goobs! x Ladywolf SPLIT! (Visit
  9. Crybaby by Primitive Hearts on High & Tight (Visit
  10. Shimmy by The Wild Ones on Nasty Habits (Visit
  11. Stranger by Moon City Boys'' on ROCKETS/STRANGER 7 (Visit
  12. Teenage Superstars by The Vaselines on Enter The Vaselines ( Song ID: 210959905)
  13. Pop Punk Mutiny by Arm Candy on Arm Candy (Visit
  14. Kick Me by Shit Present on Shit Present (Visit
  15. Maybe Next Year by Jabber on Too Many Babes (Visit
  16. Anxiety by Pinact on Stand Still and Rot (Visit
  17. What's Up by Fleabite on TTYL (Visit
  18. You Are The Worst by Big Soda on 2011 demo (Visit
  19. slow release by joyride! on bodies of water (Visit
  20. Cemetery with a View by Big Air on Buds (Visit
  21. call me back by dear marje on demo (Visit
  22. Gearbear by Pope on Fiction (Visit
  23. Feel The Pain by Dinosaur Jr. on Without A Sound
  24. Check My Heart by The Pastels (Domino Recording Co)
  25. Cries at the Movies by Mammoth Penguins on Hide and Seek
  26. Someone I'd Like To Know by Earth Girls on Someone I'd Like to Know (Visit
  27. Raw Dealings by Slowcoaches on Tourists EP (Visit
  28. Meat In Your Teeth by No Ditching on Face Ache (Visit
  29. Brooklyn phone call by All girl summer fun band on All girl summer fun band (K Records)
  30. Big Sister In Hollywood by The Lil' Hospital on Heavy Metal
  31. Alley Cat by Benny The Jet Rodriguez on Home. Run. ( Song ID: 239569512)
  32. Casual Cat At The Laundromat by Suburban Wives Club on Casual Cat At The Laundromat
  33. Bullshit Me, I'm Done by Younger Lovers on Rock Flawless
  34. Kirsty Cooper by Yummy Fur on Night Club (Slampt)
  35. RNRFON by Tense Men on Where Dull Care is Forgotten (Visit
  36. Misunderstood by Habibi on VEVC 0041 - La Luz / Habibi split 7 (Visit
  37. Farewell by Soda Shop on Farewell (Visit
  38. Bit Part by The Lemonheads on It's A Shame About Ray [Expanded Edition]
  39. Don't Trust The Stars by The Auteurs on New Wave
  40. I Have Decided by The Zebras on Worry A Lot
  41. Gene Autry by Beulah on The Coast Is Never Clear
  42. Prom Song by Radstewart on Art Reeks (Visit
  43. Break
  44. West Coast Weather by Trackstar on Communication Breaks ( Song ID: 218002087)