Shaping Things That Went (75% vinyl)

In the latest installment (#391), we are thrilled to feature local producer and DJ Brycon. Tune in as Brycon presents his new release, "The Shape of Things That Went," and showcases his skills with a jam on the iconic sampler SP 404. Additionally, enjoy an exclusive all-45s DJ set performed live in the studio. Don’t miss this exciting episode filled with fresh beats and unique sounds!


  1. Featured Man On The Street Interview by Brycon on The Shape of Things That Went (Star Bakery) New Local
  2. Featured Please by Brycon on The Shape of Things That Went (Star Bakery) Local
  3. Featured SP-404 live in-studio jam by Brycon (Unreleased) Local
  4. Featured Rain'll Fall U by Brycon on The Shape of Things That Went (Star Bakery) Local
  5. Lunar Tunes by Vox Humana (Rhino)
  6. If I Had My Way by Robert Knight (Elf)
  7. Accept My Love by The Wasters (Uni)
  8. Sunday Dreaming by The End Product (Paramount)
  9. Why (Am I Treated So Bad) by The Sweet Inspirations (Atlantic)
  10. I Was Born All Over by O.V. Wright (Backbeat)
  11. You're Taking Up Another Man's Place by Mable John (Stax)
  12. What's Happening To The World by Reuben Bell (House Of Orange)
  13. Scratch My Back by Clarence Carter (Atlantic)
  14. (Doing that) San Francisco by Artie White (Alt EE)
  15. Dance A Little Step by Masch Makhan (Aquarius Records)
  16. Take Me To The Pilot by Birds of a Feather (Page One)
  17. Featured View From Melvin's Cafe by Elgin Watchband (Polydor)
  18. Hang Up Pt 1 by Warm Excursion (Pzazz)
  19. Sound Of Love by Etta James (Cadet)
  20. (I Live In A) World Of Fantasy by Ray & Gino (Family Productions)
  21. Smoky Places by The Corsairs (Tuff)
  22. I Can Give You Love by The Diplomats (Dynamo)
  23. The Dog by Rufus Thomas (Stax)
  24. When You Move You Lose by Rufus & Carla Thomas (Stax)
  25. Sixty Minute Man pt. 2 by Rufus Thomas (Stax)
  26. You're Free by Brenda Russell (Warner)
  27. Featured Only Child (feat. Chris Haynes) by Brycon on Brutalism (Star Bakery) Local
  28. Only Child by Mophono (Change The Beat) Local
  29. You For Weren't It If by The Committee (White Whale)
  30. Bra by Cymande (Self-Released)
  31. Who by The Montgomery Express (Dove Records)
  32. The 10 Rap Commandments by Dojah (Self-Released)
  33. Walk With Me by Jahari (Peoples Potential Unlimited)
  34. Young Gifted and Brown by Joe Bataan (Uptite Records)
  35. Young Gifted and Brown by Rocky G (Self-Released)
  36. Drink Water by Lil MC (Self-Released)
  37. Featured I Get A Feeling (prod. Brycon) by Myles Davis (Star Bakery) Local