The B0ardcast Episode 53


  1. YOU, ME, & the FLY by THE HAIRS on ELVIS & ME ARE ONE (Visit
  2. Ferris Wheel by frozy on Lesser Pop (Visit
  3. Seaside by DIRTYGIRL on Junk Food EP (Visit
  4. Wind Up by Shopping on Why Choose (fatcat records)
  5. Night Out by Radiator Hospital on Split
  6. Chekhov's Hangnail by Martha on Split
  7. Richard and Judy by The Spook School on Try to be Hopeful (Visit
  8. Laughing Gas by Breakfast MUFF on The Feels (Visit
  9. The Lights Are Out by Amy Linton + Stewart Anderson on The Lights Are Out EP (555 Recordings)
  10. At Least We're Trying by Famous Boyfriend on At Least We're Trying EP (555 Recordings)
  11. I've Forgotten How To Live by Hood on Lee Faust's Million Piece Orchestra (555 Recordings)
  12. Big Brains by Space Mountain on Gargantua (Visit
  13. Inertia by Tongueflower (Visit
  14. I Can Cry Too by John Krautner on Fun with gum vol. 1 ([Burger Records])
  15. means nothing to you by Eerie Summer on the way i don't understand anything anymore (Visit
  16. Slow Motion by Wildhoney on Your Face Sideways (Visit
  17. Friends Who Are Lesbian by FOLEY! on ASCOT VALE (Visit
  18. Pallbearer Bleuz by The Pesos on Carpet Dope (Visit
  19. Girlfriend's Lover by Piano Movers on Girlfriend's Lover (Visit
  20. Someone Just Like You by Teen Mom on Groovy (Visit
  21. Razor Blades by Sleepy on Hit and Run 7 (Visit
  22. Dream by Boys on Kind of Hurt [EP] (Visit
  23. Stirling by Pure Morning on The Broadcasting Department of Philadelphia (Visit
  24. Experts by Rombo on Rombo (Visit
  25. African Mask by LITHICS on LITHICS (Visit
  26. Kisses Are Always Promises by Rocketship on A Certain Smile, A Certain Sadness (Visit
  27. p.o. box by the nonpareils on compiled recordings (Visit
  28. Scooterbabe by Scooterbabe on The Scooterbabe Companion (Visit
  29. Where You Off To? by No Ditching on Face Ache (Visit
  30. in your place by Lipstick Homicide and Billy Raygun on Lipstick Homicide/Billy Raygun split 12 (Visit
  31. Suzy by Jabber on Well... Just Jabber (Visit
  32. Atlantis by Box Elders on Alice and Friends ( Song ID: 212245785)
  33. Emily by Girlpool on Before the World Was Big
  34. The Ocean (reprise) by Ultimate Painting on Green Lanes
  35. Benji's Song by beverly tender on Lord Mayor Makes 1,000 Speeches (Visit
  36. Fern Murderers by Twerps on Range Anxiety
  37. shes really all i need (mac demarco) by Spencer Cohen on skate banjo and the cult (forgotten) (Visit
  38. Brave And Olde by Odd Hope on Brave and Olde (Visit
  39. A Repetition by Sunshine Faces on Peaked (Visit
  40. The Pink Noise by Shunkan on The Pink Noise (Visit