cheetle radio 10.31: happy halloween, you freaks.


  1. Witch Girl by The Mystrys on NA (N)
  2. Bat Man by Death Hymn Number 9 on NA (NA)
  3. Out In The Night by Useless Eaters on Bleeding Moon (CastleFace Records)
  4. there will be blood by the janitors on evil doings of an evil kind (bad afro recordings)
  5. Wolfman by The UFO Club
  6. Dead To Me by Kim and the Created on n.a (n.a)
  7. biocation by gay witch abortion on Opporntunstic Smokescreen Behavior (Learning curve records)
  8. wide at midnight by the wytches on annabel dream reader (fat possum records)
  9. Haunted House by Christmas Island on Poisoner LP
  10. zombie by the coathangers on suck my shirt (suicide squeeze)
  11. brats by liars on WIXIW (mute)
  12. leaves by clipd beaks
  13. Kill My Baby Tonight by L.A. Witch on Kill My Baby Tonight (Lollipop)
  14. i walked with a zombie by roky erickson on the evil one
  15. Casting My Spell by The Spellbinders on NA (NA)
  16. Torn By The Fox Of The Crescent Moon by Earth on Primitive and Deadly (Southern Lord)
  17. demons by chelsea wolfe on Apokalypsis (pendu sound)
  18. Cat Call by Ravioli Me Away on Ravioli Me Away / Dog Chocolate LP (Upset! The Rhythm)
  19. Tremmors by Meatbodies on Meatbodies (In the Red Records)
  20. evil things by the black angels on indigo meadow (blue horizon)
  21. dracula's daughter by beach day
  22. witch's game by cool ghouls
  23. a maze of death by tv ghost (in the red records)
  24. Sweet Saturn Mine by The Moonlandingz on Sweet Saturn Mine (Chimera)
  25. Better Guy by PALMAS on To the Valley (Lost Colony Music)
  26. The Cloud Fortress by Apprentice Destroyer on Glass Ceiling Universe (Castle Face)
  27. benzin by boogarins on manual (other music)